Circle of Catholic Women is a journal series tailored to Catholic women seeking deeper spiritual connections and life balance. Journey with other women and grow closer to God. Through personal journaling and group sharing, you'll explore prayer, rituals and traditions, relationships, spiritual role models, values and beliefs, discernment, and additional topics aimed at helping today's Catholic women deepen their faith and find peace in their daily lives.

"Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. Circle of Catholic Women is a CHOICE PICK for women of faith." -- Midwest Book Review Bookwatch



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Journal One


Journal Two

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Sample Chapter: Seeing Jesus in My Relationships Changes Everything

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Facilitator Guide for Journal One

Facilitator Guide for Journal Two

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In the Circle

I find myself
in the circle
having walked an open path

around and round
in peacefulness
within a labyrinth

with each step
my joys and tears
with other women shared

burdens lifted
on the journey
to the center where

I find myself
in the circle
I did not walk alone

sitting with me
here the Father
the Spirit, and the Son

together we
will journey out
a path I know so well

renewed in faith
with strength and love
I found here in the circle

©2008 Karen Pavlicin. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

The Circle of Catholic Women Program:

Encourages women to explore their spirituality and live their faith

  • topics cover prayer, traditions, relationships, role models, values, discernment, and life balance
  • journal prompts encourage deeper personal reflection and application to daily life
  • Bible verses and references to Catholic documents reinforce Catholic teachings
  • stories and quotations in the margins offer ideas, perspective, and inspiration

Fosters spiritual friendships and builds trusted circles within your parish community

  • each chapter includes suggested group discussion questions
  • group discussion format allows flexibility in group size, age ranges, and depth of conversation
  • separate facilitator guide provides added guidance and ideas for program leaders and facilitators

Flexible program complements existing adult faith formation programs

  • journals can be used in individual and group settings
  • flexible chapters allow for weekly sessions or retreat format; most common format is a 9-week session (informal gathering then 8 weekly meetings to discuss journal topics)
  • chapters can easily be combined or moved around to fit liturgical or retreat themes or varying schedules
  • journals can be used in any order; series is nonsequential

If you would like additional ideas for incorporating the CCW program into your parish offerings or if you have ideas you'd like to share, please contact

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